The lush mountains of Belot are located 9 kilometres southeast off of the Kenskoff road. Belot includes a natural atmosphere and environment where the earth is rich and moist, the grass is green and deluxe and the weather is ultimate throughout the year. This area is an active agricultural centre producing delightful selections of onions, carrots, potatoes, as well as herbs, which locals use to make tea, including spearmint, mint, basil and citronella. Eco and agro-tourism enthusiasts would find Belot an ideal place to travel to because of its wholesome way of living and love of everything natural.

The Belot Mountains are a great place to spend the day with friends and family with many activities to participate in and choose from. The magnificent view of the fog settling and lifting over the plush green scenery is a sight to remember. Belot is also the seamless place for quiet hikes and tranquil meditation. Another favourite activity in this area is to go strawberry picking in the fields at Le Montcel.

Le Montcel is an ecological complex encompassing 16 acres for a chalet style Hotel where you can extend your Belot adventure and have an overnight stay at the Le Montcel Hotel. There is nothing more peaceful then getting away from the rush and bustle that is all part of a city’s life and escaping to this remote part of Haiti where everything seems nourishing and sustainable as you sip on Le Montcel’s famous, freshly made strawberry juice.

The cool and easy way of living, all a part of what Belot offers, is enough to rejuvenate a traveller completely, the scenic backgrounds and intense greenery almost making things appear surreal. Belot prides itself in offering nature at its finest.