Bermuda a cultural heaven



Bermuda is paradise in a nut shell. Heading across the Atlantic to Bermuda is a seven hour flight direct from the UK. Although this is considered to be a long haul flight, it is more than worth it. The historically infused Bermuda is not apart of the Caribbean as popular belief would have you believe, this is a myth, instead it should be noted that it is north of the Bahamas in the Atlantic. As facts go it is an archipelago of 181 islands. Hence there are many diaspora’s contained within Bermuda itself, representative of this Bermuda shouldn’t be written off as just another island with islanders.

Most commonly being famed for its picturesque settings, array of activities, fishing, luxurious spas and golfing courses makes Bermuda a “special” place. There is a town in Bermuda called the “St George” that is condensed with pastel coloured petite cottages and surreal little street lanes that will make you feel like you are in a fairy tale. Wondering around the town you will be pleased by the host of shops and restaurants all designed for you the traveller in mind. Because of the sparse amount of water, the food that will be served in many restaurants will probably be “seafood”. This is both healthy and exotic, being on holiday means you can loosen your pants belt, but just remember “When in Rome”.

During the months of September, October and November this is the time for Bermuda’s to put on a musical show. This is an outdoor event, right in keeping with the traditions of Bermuda. For all “true” music enthusiast they will know that John Lennon from “The Beatles” once stayed on the island in 1980, this was in the hope that this would break his writers block, and of course it did. Graciously Bermuda has included “The Beatles” and “Bob Marley” in their “Bermuda Peace Concert”.

The emerald green seas will entice you into staying year after year. Bermuda as an archipelago has a calendar of events, so no matter what the time of year, you can be head to toe swamped with activities. Room and board takes many shapes and sizes, so if you want to stay in a family run inn, a guest cottage, luxury resort or a basic place because you intend to back pack then Bermuda can tick all these boxes.

Therefore you can throw yourself on a plane and get all the sleep you can, because when you awake in seven hours time, you will be too elated to do so.

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