Botswana is in Southern Africa where the citizens refer to themselves as “Batswana”. Covering itself in 70% dessert Botswana is known for its dry heat and misty air. Botswana was once one of the poorest countries after it was emancipated from the United Kingdom. Although now there has been a change of luck for Botswana, as it is becoming one of the fastest increasing economies. This has great implications for the leisure and tourism industry.

Unsurprisingly Botswana is acclaimed for having some of the best wilderness and wildlife locals in the African continent. A staggering 38% of its land area is inclusive of national parks, reserves and wildlife preservation, which means that you can often feel like you are in a wonderland all by yourself. Acting as a sanctuary for nature, where it is more often used for fashion, architecture and food, makes it the precise reason why places like Botswana are a rarity in this over populated world that rarely wishes to restore, but more often decides to destroy. The different pageantry of the life of an animal are chronicled here.

Being the last stronghold for a large amount of endangered birds and mammals, ensures guaranteed, memorable wildlife encounters. Having that feeling of limitless space, is something that is rarely affordable in the city, what with all the cramming and congestion, therefore you are sure to be freed from the city limits when in the urban jungle, and with all its earthy beauty, you can envision a life in the wild. With the more and more cultural tourism offers, you can be charmed by the Botswana people, take the chance to visit their villages and experience the extensive cultural legacy. Although some may argue that the best trip is the one that is able to draw out your natural self. The void that was once present will be lifted, and you are transcended into a magical place, of stars, clear skies and summer showers.




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