Brazil picture perfect



The region of Costa Verde in situated in the eclectic Brazil, It is in the south coast precisely and holds within it quite a few cities. Angra dos Reis and Ilha Garnde are the main cities within the region of Costa Verde.

Angra Dos Reis itself has over 365 islands, shopping centres, a marina, a true example of a modern day paradise. Tourists are spoilt for choice, with a host of activities to sample once checked into the hotel. Those being boat rides, natural trails beside the uncompromising rivers and waterfalls, water sports, the freedom to ride about town on mountain bikes and white water rafting. After all this activity anyone would be famished, therefore why not indulge in a variety of foods in a plethora of restaurants.

Ilha Grande is more the pillar of the region of Costa Verde’s tourist destinations. It is often considered to be a “true ecological” sanctuary. The central area of Ilha would be Abrahao, this is where there is a definite clutter of restaurants and inns to rest your hat. And there are a large supply of agencies offering boat rides around the island.

Therefore don’t shy away from Brazil, as there are so many reasons to go, but none to stay away.

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