China Africa Development Fund Delegation on a Working Visit to Seychelles

China Africa Development Fund delegation on a working visit to Seychelles visit a training session by Chinese Lion Dance Instructors.

Wu Guohua the Managing Director, Market & Investment Cooperation Dept for China-Africa Development Fund and Mr. Chi Jianxin, the CEO of the CADFund and their delegation who were on a exploratory working visit to Seychelles last week made time to visit a training session by the two Chinese Lion Dance Instructors.

The two Chinese Instructors are in Seychelles through cultural exchange cooperation between the Seychelles Ministry of Tourism and Culture and the Chinese Embassy. They are conducting daily classes at the Cultural Department at the National Cultural Center in collaboration with Mrs Marietta Matombe of the National Troupe.

The cooperation in place at the different levels between China and Seychelles impressed the China Africa Development Fund delegation who spent time discussing with the two Lion Dance Instructors in the presence of the Third Secretary of the Chinese Embassy in Seychelles.

Delegations of Seychelles Youths from different organizations have been spending time following the training sessions by the Lion Dance Instructors. Some of the youths are being trained to participate in the coming carnival. China has made available the needed clothing disguise for the dance.

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