Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister of Tourism and Culture was joined by Minister Jean-Paul Adam and former Minister Peter Sinon who is now the Deputy Secretary General of the Parti Lepep at the Cultural Extravaganza organised to mark the the both Anniversary of Joseph Sinon,  the much loved Seychellois local artist, entertainer and events organiser.

A Cultural Event that had seen days of TV Adverts inviting the general public to join a long list of friends and family of Joseph Sinon to an evening of music and dancing. Gaelen Bresson, the MC for the evening invited former Minister Peter Sinon (a cousin of Joseph Sinon) to deliver the first address of the night and Minister Sinon who spoke about the popularity of Joseph as an entertainer and musician and the role he has been playing alongside Alain St.Ange since his appointment as Minister with the responsibility for Culture. “A cultural revolution is taking place in this country. Today culture is seen and culture is alive. You hear about culture and the respect for culture has reached new heights” Minister Sinon said as he reminded everyone of the audacity of Joseph Sinon to invite the general public for his birthday party and for paying an entrance fee. “He is able to do that because he has a clear following as a respected entertainer” Minister Sinon said as he laughed off the possibility of ever daring to do the same.

Minister Alain St.Ange said when he took over the micro that Seychelles was at a crossroad in its cultural development and the Minister appealed to every artist, musician and entertainer to join the people of Seychelles to work together to defend the island’s culture. “When we say defending our culture we are defending our people and all what makes us what we are today. Many still do not like to see culture taking the new dimension it is today doing and will do everything to try to stop this cultural revolution” Minister St.Ange said.

“Today as I congratulate Joseph Sinon on his 50th Birthday, I also take this opportunity for congratulating him for heading a respected Events Organising Company that continues to deliver for Seychelles and for the development of culture in Seychelles” the Minister said.

Minister Alain St.Ange went on to explain that when culture is being placed at the centre of our tourism development we are intact today placing the people of Seychelles at the centre of our country’s development. The Minister explained that culture is everything we are and even some of what we have lost. “It is culture that gave us the good upbringing which saw us respecting one another and greeting each other on the streets and on the village paths. It is culture that makes us the people with a drive to work for our country and in so doing look for a better life for our family. It is culture that gets us to church in our Sunday best and it is culture that ensures we have clean and well cared gardens” the Minister said as he appealed to everyone not to allow Seychelles to loose its drive to protect its culture as this was the heart and should of the islands.

Minister Jean Paul Adam also said when he took the floor that Joseph Sinon was an example of how culture can continue to be the catalyst that unites Seychellois and our country. “When Joseph Sinon advertises that he is staging an open air manifestation the country as a whole knows that thousands will be making their way to this event because Seychelles today appreciates the entertainment provided by Joseph Sinon” Minister Adam said.

Joseph Sinon who was last to speak thanked the thousands who had turned up for this cultural extravaganza that is marking his 50th Birthday celebration. “I will continue to work as an entertainer and will defend the consolidation of our culture” Joseph Sinon said before inviting everyone to join together on the dance floor as he joined the band with some of his popular songs and medleys.

Many of the Seychelles most popular artists were also present and all joined to sing a couple of songs for this extraordinary occasion.

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