East Africa: An Eastern Promised Land


Kenya, East Africa

If you are one to crave adventure then going to East Africa is the solitary choice. In 24 hours you can see Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. Trekking through the forests you may just come head to head with a mountain gorilla.

“Nairobi” which is in Kenya, is considered to be one of the most spectacular places to observe nature. The “Lake Nakuru National Park”, which is home to a hybrid of birds, ideal for bird watching, close by monochrome animals take dominance: rhino, buffalo, impala, hyena, and leopards that are sure to give your quite afternoon a boost of colour.

Once done with all this exhilaration, drive through Uganda via the “Mau Mau Escarpment”. Once in “Kampala” you will be in one of the main cities in Uganda. If this is not your cup of tea then why not head toward the “De Es Salaam”, this is Tanzania’s main area for trading and you will find a trading centre.

If you are a “sea fairy” catching the ferry is made effortless, once aboard take a trip to the “Spice Island” of Zanzibar, which is on the periphery of Tanzania. Having a rich culture and history is also included. Engaging in tours that encompass the spice plantation, snorkelling or even diving if you feel brave enough should all be on your agenda. This will make for the perfect end to your trip, as you rest on the world renowned beaches with a drink near by.