Egypt not just for the Egyptians



Egypt is known as the “ancient island”, principally because of the pyramids and deserts, or deserted lands as some pessimist say. The glorious “River Nile” and all the temples are the reason we all long to see Egypt before we die. Upon arrival in Egypt you may flock to the beaches to enjoy the ever increasing temperatures and “weightlessness” that is felt when you don’t have a worry in the world. After this trip is made you can recount all the ancient “Bedouin” stories that have been trickled down from person to person.

The ancient pyramids of “Giza” will be a wondrous history lesson, learning about the monuments which will then proceed onto a succession into the iconic “Sphinx”. For history buffs, the Egyptian Museums will impress, in total holding 100,000 relics. A qualified “Egyptologist” will assist in answering any questions that you may have, the “Great Pyramids” which are still to this day one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Not surprising really when you see the scale and ornate beauty of this architectural super structure.

After your eyes have been captivated by this magnificence, take up some “Felucca Sailing”. Whist sailing beside the “River Nile”, a true authentic “Nubian” crew worker will surely provide you with hospitality and catering. This will give you the chance to look around and search for your next Egyptian conquest.

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