Fort Jacques was built in between 1804-1806 following the proclamation of Haiti’s independence, General Alexandre Petition had a fortification built in the district of Grand Fond. The fortification was given the name Fort Jacques in honour of Jean-Jacques Dessalines; leader of the Haitian Revolution and the first ruler of an independent Haiti.

Fort Jacques has subsequently endured the ravaging tests of time and although it was established for its strategic military position, it never spectated or witnessed any armed struggles. Nowadays, Fort Jacques is a token of the environment in which soldiers lived at the time, sheltered behind fortified defensive walls.

From Fort Jacques, visitors have a stunning view on the entire bay of Port-au- Prince. The trail through the pine forest and the views are breath-taking not to mention the inclusive history and culture behind the fort that is so integral to Haiti’s past. Even after the 2010 earthquake the fort only suffered minor damage and remained intact which makes it all the more vital as one of Haiti’s unharmed monuments. The landmark has become a place to visit in Haiti because of the story behind the significant building.

Fort Jacques- Haiti’s historic fortification

Fort Jacques- Haiti’s historic fortification

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