Furcy is a small, tranquil village further up the mountain from Kenscoff; people living in this area admirably live a splendidly, simple life. In true Haitian nature, the locals are warm and friendly, inviting tourists in to their gardens up the mountains to come and see their grown vegetable patches, which produce sweet and organic fruit and vegetables. The climate up the mountains is always refreshing, even during the summer, Furcy is still an idyllic place for long walks or strolls because of the areas cool mountain climate.

There are great places to stay in the village, The Lodge offers accommodation for overnight visitors with a chalet style lodge, displaying glorious wooden architecture. The Lodge focuses heavily on fine details which makes the chalet appear so attractive. The Lodge is complete with customary rooms, apartments and a sauna to relax. Staying overnight allows visitors to be able to explore the village of Furcy properly, ensuring that they get to experience the true essence of life in its most simplistic, but staggering form.

Visitors are also encouraged to stop for a drink at the local’s favourite bar and resort, Rustik. This interesting bar has a rare ambience with an incredible view of Furcy’s mountainside. In the most unique and brilliant way, Rastik use recycled materials to create the décor of the indoor and outdoor lounge bar, created from local natural materials such as palm leaves and recycled glass and plastic. Rastik offers a full bar, lunch and dinner special with the added luxury of an outdoor hot tub and large flat screen TV to keep guests entertained whilst enjoying their food and drink. Tourists are cheered by Furcy locals to try and warm up with a glass of Haiti’s famous Barbancourt rum.

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