The island of Guadeloupe is a Caribbean island. It should be known that it is in the Leeward Islands, which is in the Lesser Antilles, which is probably why the population is a mere 400,000 residents. This is a drop in the ocean in comparison to cities like London, New York and Sydney, which have a population in the millions. But islands tend to be more condensed, hence the population is a direct reflection of this. It is, by definition, an overseas region of France, which means it is part of the European Union and Euro zone. For Guadeloupe this means that their primary language is French, although in some regions they do favour the Antillean Creole.

Originally the Amerindian name for the Guadeloupe is “Karukera”, this actually translates to “the island with beautiful waves”. This is the definitely the case, for Guadeloupe is know to be the island for water sports. The Guadeloupe archipelago is a paradise like no other.

The Caribbean Sea provides the most stunning palette of blues and greens, which are the ideal setting for water sports, skimming the smooth waves on a Jet Ski, or just walk along the sand, whatever your choice, many aquatic adventures will be waiting for you patiently. The Guadeloupe Island is filled with greenery, which is provided by the multiple parks. Twenty years of preserving the sea turtle shows how dedicated to the ecology of the island the citizens are.



Guadeloupe National Park is the seventh largest “French” National Park. It has been around since 1989, and actually protects the largest forest in the Lesser Antilles. So whether you want to go and have fun with your spouse and kids, or the finest cuisine that is special to the Caribbean, discover the prestige, perfect, unpretentious island of Guadeloupe.

The water will never get cold in the Caribbean, Guadeloupe is considered to be a slice of France in the Caribbean, and I suppose this would be the unique selling point that is, without a shadow of a doubt, reason enough to visit. If your idea of taking a holiday is more then just lounging about, you will not be disappointed by the Guadeloupe Island. The vibrant flora and fauna is equalled by the hospitable locals that will serve you cocktails and canapés in the presence of the glorious, charming, sun beating skies.

This amazing setting is why people choose to kayak, horseback ride, walk in and out of the tropical forests, bathe under the waterfall and dive in to see the coral reefs. There’s no time like the present, so don’t be a stranger.



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