Kanye West has moved to swiftly put an end to rumours of a big fight with his fellow rapper and former mentor JAY-Z.

Yeezy lifted the lid on the details of the celebrity friendship during a Kardashian-West family barbecue in the last couple of weeks, when he told his fellow rapper 2Chainz that him and JAY-Z were “still brothers”.

And 2Chainz didn’t waste any time spilling the beans on the conversation during an interview with radio presenter DJ Drama.

When asked about what happened at the barbecue with Kim and Kanye, 2Chainz opened up. “Yeah, JAY-Z came up, and I knew that,” he revealed in the interview.

“I knew that when I was going over,” he added. “For the most part, bro was like, you know, ‘we still brothers’ and stuff like that.”

But when pressed to go on about the fight, 2Chainz hinted that there might be more to the rappers’ fall-out than meets the eye. There were “a couple things” about the fight that were “personal”, he said, but he refused to reveal what they were.

The rumours have been swirling in Hollywood after Kanye went on a big rant during a show in Seattle last year, in which he appeared to extensively criticise JAY-Z’s online music platform Tidal.

During the rant, he also suggested that JAY-Z failed to come to his house to talk to him and Kim after she was brutally tied up and robbed at gunpoint in Paris.

Some concert-goers also said that Kanye claimed during his rant that Beyonce and JAY-Z’s firstborn daughter, Blue Ivy, has never been to play with his children!

While Kanye’s new pal 2Chainz might not have shared the ultimate inside scoop on the fight rumours, he did give us a sneak peek inside the life of the Kardashian-West family.

The event was no ordinary barbecue, but was instead a star-studded event attended by the likes of music mogul LA Reid.

However, according to 2Chainz, there was no security and it still felt like “just family”. It’s nice to know that even superstars like the Kardashian-Wests can hang out in peace sometimes too!

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