Growing up in Upper Lafayette, Louisiana, USA, was the foundation for the excellence on which Kyle Pierre has always based his life. He is currently studying law at university and had a supportive family background and religious upbringing from the earliest days and also has great friends to spend his spare time with.

Kyle’s childhood

Kyle Pierre is the son of Delanna and Vincent Pierre and was born and raised in Upper Lafayette. He’s inordinately proud of his Creole background which he feels makes him a “fantastic person” and says that is due to the way he was raised and the values held by his family. He has a fraternal twin brother and a younger brother who is still in school. He comments about his brothers as follows: “It’s definitely cool to have a twin. It’s definitely cool to have a little brother, too”.

He has a close relationship with his family, particularly his twin brother. He’s part of a large family network and has many cousins living locally, he elaborates: “I have about three or four sides of the family, I guess, is what they call it. I mean, my dad’s side, then my grandma’s side, my grandpa’s side, my late grandfather’s side. I have my mom’s side, her mom’s side, and her dad’s side. So I mean, that’s … Kind of cousins start to build up, you know, when you have that many aspects of family”.

He doesn’t really know how many cousins he actually has, but speaks with pride of the wonderful family occasions they have during holidays and special event days. Like many local Creoles, his family are staunch Catholics and he was raised with strong beliefs which are still with him today. When he was younger his grandparents always spoke in French when he was around, so he’s familiar with the language, which also plays a huge part in Creole culture. The Creole culture is important to him and impacts upon the food he eats, the music he listens to and the dance tunes that will get him up on to the floor.

Favourite Creole music

Zydeo music is his preference and this is very big globally with Creole communities, many of the songs are in a form of French patois which Kyle enjoys, although he cannot speak French fluently now. Kyle feels that many young creoles embrace their culture, although they don’t have regular, organised group get-togethers. When he was younger he would hang out with a group of young, like-minded Creoles and they would take group trail rides and listen to live zydeco bands they could dance to.

His favourite zydeco stars include Keith Frank and Lil Nate, they’re both great musicians and play a lot of live events locally. When it comes to hobbies, Kyle is keen on sports and has played baseball and football all his life. In high school, he played football and ran track, but did suffer several injuries throughout this period. He played linebacker and offensive guard in the football team and admits football is definitely his favourite sport.

Sporting achievements

He’s also won several sporting awards and trophies throughout his playing career, particularly when he was in high school. He comments: “I think sports helped me in school, having and being responsible for two different things. I mean excelling in sports and excelling in school is kind of where I built kind of that … not rapport, but just a good name for myself, meaning that I excelled in school and I excelled in sports, especially in high school”.

He’s keen on watching and following a lot of sports as well, and feels that team sports are perfect activities for young children as participating builds character. Like most local Creoles in the New Orleans area he’s a keen fan of the local Saints team and gets together with his dad and brothers to watch big matches.


He also likes to write, as he graduated in political science. He enjoys reading, mainly sports articles or books about real people or events but doesn’t really like fiction. Although the book that had the biggest impact on him was a piece of fiction called Marley and Me and he said it actually made him cry. Another one of his favourite hobbies is landscaping gardens, as he finds it relaxing and it assists with meditation.

When it comes to movies Kyle is really keen on action and drama films and enjoyed the film The Pursuit of Happiness featuring Will Smith. His favourite actor is the comedian Zach Stefankis. Although he doesn’t really participate in any water sports he does enjoy watching water polo when it’s played at high levels.

Kyle’s views on modern life

Kyle feels that modern life is too focused on computers and the influence of the internet and social media. He observes: “Social media’s all about what you use it for. Social media can be a good thing. Social media can be a bad thing. It’s kind of like words. Words, you can use your words to inspire people or you can use your words to throw people down. I mean, social media is the same way. It’s no different, social media”.

He does feel social media can be addictive, however, admits that he uses it a good deal, though he recently took a 40 day break from social media as part of his Lent fasting. He’s a Catholic, so tries to give up something that means a lot to him each year and did find giving up social media for that amount of time was a big sacrifice. He notes: “The more time you can focus on yourself, the more time you can better yourself. Instead of going on that Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, whatever it is that you go in for that hour, you could put that hour to doing something else productive in society or in your life personally”.

Kyle Pierre

Daily routine

On most days Kyle gets up just after 6am as he likes to be at university for 7am. He works out after school by doing cross-fit, which is a form of workout programme. He finds that working out in classes keeps him motivated and allows him to programme his training into his daily schedule. Most of his friends still work out, as they have continued playing football, but when it comes to playing sports Kyle just plays a little basketball outside with his friends and his younger brother.

He likes to try and support his younger brother with his sports and help him stay active at all times. His twin brother is still in college and attends McNeese where he’s studying to become a nurse.

University life

Kyle is currently in his first year of university and the course will take around seven years to complete as he’s studying law and will go on to law school after his undergraduate degree. He hopes to practise law in either Louisiana or California and will need to attend a local law school in the state where he will be working.

Growing up and friendship group

Kyle has fond memories of his childhood and the support and love he received from his family and grandparents. His friends also mean a lot to him and he has four really close friends. Although they’re extremely close they also have a very competitive edge about everything they do together and they’re always trying to get one up on each other. One of their favourite pastimes is heading out bowling and they generally place bets on who will be the winner. In general they will only go out to events and activities where they can compete against each other. They also like listening to music together. He says that typically one of his mates would call him up and say: “Let’s go to the park and see who can shoot as many soccer …” Irrespective of the fact that none of them play soccer, they just like to find out who will win and this is what binds their friendship.

One of Kyle’s secret wishes would be to bring back his grandpa, he says: “Just to talk to him just one more time before he died, because I don’t think that you should want to redo anything that’s already happened. So my first wish would be to talk to my grandpa just one more time. I miss him. He was a great person, great grandpa, and an even better man”.

It just goes to show how family-oriented Kyle really is and what a lovely young man, with a great future ahead of him.