With birds chirping over acres of plush green land, it’s quite easy to forget that you are in, the supposed, most decimated country in the Western Hemisphere. La Visite National Park in Haiti is one of the two national parks in the country. The Haitian government established the La Visite National Park in 1983; the park is only 22 kilometres south from the capital city, Port-au-Prince. The park covers approximately 30km2 consisting mainly of pine forest and grasslands as well as the Hispaniola Pine which is the most widespread tree in the park.

One of Haiti’s strongest assets remains its great potential for eco-tourism. La Visite is a sanctuary with rich diversity, of both plants, and animals living in this particular forest habitat. The park is home to over eighty different species of birds including a number of threatened species, perfect for bird watching giving visitors the occasion to encounter types of birds that are widespread to the island of Hispaniola.

The park has been open and welcoming to visitors, both locals and tourists for years now, but understands the vitality of warning and urging people to respect the protected grounds, so people can continue to enjoy the park and its exquisiteness for many more years to come. La Visite National Park values being eco-friendly, which is so important for the well-being of the park, its animals and its vegetation, ensuring there are strict actions against littering or polluting.

La Visite National Park speaks volumes about the serenity and beauty of Haiti, it is an ample illustration of just how much the country has to offer to travellers.

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