Mexico, a melting pot of diversity



There’s no place like home, this is the sentiment felt by all that live and travel to Mexico. Being crammed full of culture and landscapes makes for a very interesting journey if you are a first time traveller. “The Mexican Riviera” has the white beaches, “Acapulco” contains the cliff dives and the “Sierra Madre Mountains” has the boldness and brassy character that will leave you speechless. The “Mayan” remnants based in “Chichen Itza” will take you back to a mythical time. The nightlife will not leave you thirsty, as “Cancun” is the “it” place. This all combined is the representation of what Mexico is all about.

Whilst in “Cancun” become transformed into a party animal, there is a wealth of bars and clubs. If this doesn’t suit you, whip through the jungle lagoon, if not take a long day trip to the “Mujeres”. Some of the highlights include: lacy fine beaches, snorkeling in the sea, rivers and waterfalls that are warmed by the sun, “catamaran cruises in the locale of “Acapulco”, floating irresponsibly on the canal of “Xochimilco”, in “Merida” a horse-drawn carriage (this will prove an instant hit with couples), the pyramids in “Chichen Itza” show all that there was a civilisation before this 21 century modernity, the “Cenote” offers you a dip or two (which may be greatly needed after the sun has washed you with its raise), once all said and done kick your heals up in “Cancun”.

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