The outgoing Ambassador of the State of Palestine to the Republic of Seychelles, H.E. Dr. Nasri K. Abu Jaish, paid a farewell call on President James Michel today at State House, at the end of his tenure of office. Present at the meeting was the Principal Secretary for Foreign Affairs, Ambassador Maurice Loustau Lalanne.

President James Michel commended Dr Jaish for all the support he has given to promote and strengthen the relations between Seychelles and Palestine during his tenure in office.  The President reiterated the interest of Seychelles in reinvigorating and strengthening the bilateral relationship with Palestine through Ambassador Jaish’s new successor.

During the meeting President Michel and Ambassador Jaish discussed the present conflicts in Palestine. Mr. Michel expressed Seychelles’ continued support towards the resolution of conflict and indicated that Seychelles believes in a comprehensive peace settlement.

Speaking to the local press after the meeting, Ambassador Jaish said that Seychelles and Palestine have an historical relations and that he thanked President Michel for Seychelles’ continued support to his country at the different international forums such as the United Nations and African Union.

“Unfortunately, because of our financial situation and because of the occupation…., there are no news about new cooperation between Seychelles and Palestine, but of course we hope after that we get our independence, or even in this present situation, in the coming days my successor will strengthen cooperation in many fields,” explained Ambassador Jaish.

Dr Jaish presented his credentials on 20th September 2011, and is based in the Tanzanian capital Dar es Salaam.

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