In true capital fashion Port-au-Prince is alive and blooming throughout the entire day; the morning bustling starts early for residents and tourists going on with their happily eventful lives, energetic music, great restaurants and hotels and the recognised sound of busy traffic. Nothing can beat city life. As the economic, political and cultural hub of the country, it’s seemingly enticing not only to tourist but Haitians too.

Port-au-Prince has opened up its very first Best Western Premier Hotel in its efforts to develop Haiti on an international scale. The hotel is the epitome of elegance located next to just as high class neighbouring sites, boutiques and parks. The contemporary, modern styling of the hotel makes it a great place to stay in the hills of the Port-au-Prince suburb.

Part gallery, part boutique hotel is a testament to the artistry and natural beauty of Haiti as it holds works from a thousand Haitian artists.


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