President James Michel attended the opening of the first National Agricultural and Horticultural show on Praslin on Eve Island, accompanied by his daughter Laeticia Michel.

The President toured the show and spoke to the different organisers and participants of the show.

In an interview with local press, Mr Michel appealed to the young people of Praslin and La Digue to take part in agricultural and horticultural shows such as the one on Saturday, and continue the traditions, culture and life of their elders in this field.

“It is important to have activities such as this on Praslin and La Digue. I am happy to see them show their talent and have a chance to express their creativity. I would describe it as an expressive activity… Praslin and La Digue need to increase their agricultural productivity and the Government needs to intensify its efforts to empower farmers on the two islands to produce more, with more scientific methods, for more food production for the Seychelles nation,” said the President.

President Michel congratulated the organisers of the show for their excellent work, and commended the move to decentralize national day activities away from Mahe to the inner islands.

“….It is a great initiative and the Praslin and La Digue residents have shown an exceptional interest …Don’t stop there, continue to produce these shows as more regular fairs to show off the Praslinois and Digois talent,” said Mr Michel.

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