President James Michel met with Ms. Lissa Labiche and Mr. Rodney Govinden at State House this morning. The two Seychellois youths were crowned the Seychelles‘ best sportsman and sportswoman of 2015.

Mr. Govinden, was the top performing sailor last year and Ms. Labiche was the top female high-jumper.

President Michel congratulated them on their outstanding performance and spoke to them about their training challenges, next competitions and future aspirations.

“Aim high, train hard, and make us proud with your successes!” said President Michel during the meeting.

They discussed the need for more sports education in schools in order to nurture interest in competitive sports as well as search for talent and sporting potential.

Also present in the meeting were the CEO of the National Sports Council, Ms. Giovana Rousseau, and sportsmen Mr. Carlos Sanchez and Mr. Alain Alcindor.

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