We’re used to seeing images of stars that have been photoshopped to make them look even more perfect than they do in real life, but Rihanna recently took photoshopping to a whole different level. The singer wanted to show her affection for the Queen of England, Elizabeth II, and did so by photoshopping the Queen’s head onto images of herself in a range of different, risqué outfits. Although Rihanna didn’t mention it specifically, it’s thought this could be a celebration of Queen Elizabeth’s birthday, which took place on 21st April.

In the first image, Rihanna chose a picture of herself wearing an all-green outfit, and photoshopped the Queen’s head and part of her body onto it. The Queen had also been wearing a green outfit in the original photograph, which might have inspired the switch. It’s a surreal image, with Her Majesty wearing a formal hat and buttoned up coat, which becomes a fur coat and thigh high boots as you look down the ‘shopped’ version.

In a second image, the Queen’s head has been photoshopped onto an image of Rihanna wearing her famous red-heart coat, denim shorts and towering heals. A pair of shades has been added to HRH’s face to complete the effect.

The image which has caused the most stir is one in which Rihanna was wearing the Gucci bodysuit which she wore to Coachella. The shimmering suit emphasises every curve, and is partnered with a casual t-shirt and denim cut-offs. The suit manages to out-bling the Queen’s actual crown, which Queen Elizabeth wears in the altered image.

The last in the series, which was a simple profile shot of Queen Elizabeth, with a pair of Ray Ban sunglasses photoshopped on was simply captioned, ‘haters will say it’s photoshop.’

The images, which were each released alongside a song lyric (not Rihanna’s own) caused a mixed reaction from fans, ranging from, ‘These pics give me LIFE,’ to the less enthusiastic, ‘please explain’. Whatever Rihanna had in mind, the images provoked a reaction and perhaps that is all that she was hoping for – after all there’s no such thing as bad publicity, right?

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