San Francisco a rocky roadmap to all your fantasies

San Francisco

San Francisco

When you think of road trips think San Francisco. San Francisco is both loveable and unique in its long winding roads and easy accessible route in and out of other nearby cities. When in San Francisco why not take a tour, in doing so you will glimpse the “Fisherman’s Wharf” and cross the “Golden Gate Bridge”. Once you have taken all this in, try visiting the “Yosemite National Park”. With all the nature in clear view, renting or buy a bike to further absorb as much of this aesthetically pleasing park is a must.

The “Grand Canyon” is for all hikers that have a dare devil streak. You will see the changing light show that happens as the light is reflected off the rocks at different times of the day. This natural phenomenon is one of the reasons why the “Grand Canyon” will always stay “grand”. Conversely if you don’t have the riding a bike, trekking disposition then why not take out a helicopter tour, here you can fully be immersed in the aurora of nature. Once on ground level, finish the day with a well deserved barbecue in either your campsite or in a local restaurant. If Mexican food is what you are after then there is no better place than “Santa Fe”, considered to be one of America’s most adorable and fetching “small cities”, your taste buds will be tantalised by the best Mexican food, galleries (for all the art lovers), a distinctive type of architecture.


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