Historic building and Haitian place of significance

Sans Souci Palace was the home of independent Haiti’s first monarch, Henri I, also known as Henri Christophe. He was the most prominent figure of the Haitian slave revolution as he forced his way in to ruling the northern half of Haiti. Sans-Souci Palace was completed in 1813 at the cost of hundreds of labourers’ lives as they were pushed to complete the palace rapidly by Christophe who wanted the palace completed at an unrealistic rate.

The ruins of Sans-Souci Palace have been deemed one of the most remarkable attractions in the Western Hemisphere and were made by Christophe to alert everyone over his power and to give himself more prestige, by owning a palace he thought of himself as a King. Even now Sans Souci Palace stands majestically breathing out its volume of history and culture engaging tourist who come to view the notable building for themselves.