Seychelles sees Variety Cruise Ship Company launch its Garden of Eden programme

Variety Cruises has launched its first inaugural Garden of Eden programme in Seychelles.

The MV Pegasus, the third generation small ship business set sail off Eden Island Marina on Saturday 15th December for its eight day cruise program across the Seychelles’ Inner Islands.  Intrigued by the diversity and by the vibrant atmosphere of the Seychelles Islands, the MV Pegasus is offering an intimate experience of the country’s most beautiful granitic islands.

Once in Seychelles, the sprawling MV Pegasus Garden of Eden tailored programme brings visitors to an island hopping experience at the discovery of Seychelles’ stunning spots and beaches off the coasts of Sainte Anne Island, Cerf Island, La Digue Island and the Sister islands, before moving to Praslin, Curieuse, Cousin, Aride Islands before returning to the main island of Mahe .

Sailing Seychelles archipelago on a 4, 5 and 8 day cruise programme on board an all inclusive chic elegance floating hotel designed with spacious living accommodation is a not to miss intimate experience of how best to explore Seychelles through the filter of the cruise ship’s windows.

Anchoring at the inner islands, the MV Pegasus welcoming crew takes their clients to the discovery of Seychelles’ unspoilt paradise and a dive or snorkelling into the amazing underwater world.

In a bid to bring this new niche product to the local Destination Management Companies (DMC), and to launch the Garden of Eden Programme, the Cruise Ship’s Senior Partner and Executive Vice President for Development and Marketing, Mr Yiannis Vontas hosted a small welcome reception on board MV Pegasus.

The guest of honour was Mr Alain St.Ange, the Seychelles Minister for Tourism and Culture, who said the presence of MV Pegasus would surely bring more diversity in the products being offered to discerning visitors. ‘Seychelles was conceived with sailors in mind. What we have to offer to cruise ship passengers and our sailing boat cruises remains unrivalled. The diversity of islands blessed with clean and white sandy beaches being lapped with clean and clear turquoise blue seas are USPs of our islands and this on a year round basis because we remain the tropical mid-ocean islands called the islands of perpetual summer’ Minister St.Ange said.