South Africa – An Eclectic Escape

South Africa

South Africa

When going to Africa, prepare yourself for the ever so lovely golden sunrises, mischievous landscapes, walls of cascading water, face to face interaction with animals that are both wild and tame, as well as the introduction and indoctrination to the mesmerising African culture.

On day one why not venture out to Johannesburg. Johannesburg is factually speaking the largest city in South Africa. If is the economic hub of South Africa (as most major cities tend to be) and offers many opportunities for tourists, for example why not take the time to see the famous “Apartheid Museum”.

On day two go to the “Okavango Delta”, you will essentially be saying “goodbye” to all that is civil; it is a wilderness of water. You will cruise by the dug-out and once there you can sleep under the blanket of stars. From the canoe, the outback is your “oyster”, spotting wildlife and other forms of nature.

If you feel that you would like a more sheltered wildlife experience then the “Kruger National Park” located in Bulawayo is the place to be. Ranking as one of the great and best experiences in Africa as wildlife parks go-in respect of wildlife excursions, after all this fun and laughter, make your way to the “Manyeleti Game Reserve”. Here you can swim until your heart is content and become well informed about the local “Shangaan” people. They will show you the “Shangaan” way via a song and dance, then you may settle in with a light supper in the presence of the “African wilderness”.