St Barts

St Barts

St Barts

St Barts is a very in demand place to go in the Caribbean, many celebrities opt for this as the ideal get away. For example Beyonce (who has Creole ancestry on her mother’s side) visits frequently.

Often known as St. Barths, St. Barthelemy or St. Barth, it is considered to be a great Caribbean island to take a chartered yacht vacation, being midway between Antigua and Virgin Gorda has many ramifications for St Barts tourism, tourists are usually more than impressed by the beaches, natural innate beauty of the island and vivacious nightlife that goes hand in hand with the bars and restaurants.

The common understanding for those that decide to go on a yacht charter is that they want to be at one with their “natural” surroundings. Once off the yacht, the nightlife caters to the needs of all the guests that the yachts produce.

If sailing is your thing then why not get involved in the St Barts yearly events calendar that includes a wealth of activity perfect for sailing. Some of the various events specified for yachting include:

  • St. Bart Regatta (celebrated just before Lent)
  • The Saint Bart’s Cup (held in April and sponsored by the Saint Bart Yacht Club)
  • The three-day International Regatta in May with racing events

The St Barts Bucket Regatta is held in the beginning of April or sometimes late March. It should also be noted that the St Barts Bucket Regatta is a race that is specified for yachts that are over 100 feet, perhaps this is the reason it tends to draw out the men, and is often referred to as a “gentlemanly yacht race”. The event is a rare chance for all those yachts that are over 100 feet to sail and gather together. Seeing all these super yachts makes this a sceptical to behold, another reason to make St Barts your chosen choice.


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