The Arcadins Coast is an extensive stretch of white sandy beaches, it is a public beach that gives availability to visitors looking for exciting beach adventures. There is also access to a thread of close-by private resorts and hotels which offer facilities such as bathrooms, fine Creole dining and fresh water pools.

Wahoo Bay Beach Hotel is a well-known hotel that resides on the famed Arcadins Coast. For an even more memorable stay, tourist can enjoy a continental breakfast on their balcony as they look out to the view of the majestic water and beaches.

Fresh catch-of-the-day fish and seafood are available alongside the beaches of the Arcadins Coast. Fisherman on the beach directly sell their freshly caught goods to visitors, served with a local favourite lemony hot sauce called ‘pikliz’ with a plate filled with luscious, grilled fish.

Seawaters along the Arcadins coastline are usually calm and transparent, making the area a prime location for snorkelling and water sports. However, beaches and pools nearby to The Arcadins Coast are not generally monitored by lifeguards, therefore it is essential for the safety of visitors that tourist and locals ensure that they are not putting themselves or anyone else at risk through poor behaviour at the beach.

The Arcadins Coast is surrounded by extensive coral reefs, it has the capacity to make it the highest immediate potential to become Haiti’s park designation which would be visited by people worldwide. Potential tourism development for The Arcadins Coast would bring in revenue for Haiti and mean that it would be able to continue to fund and protect the site and its diverse underwater life. The Arcadins Coast is the most dynamic of Haiti’s coastlines, an obvious engagement for tourists looking for a good time.

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