In honour of the Brouhaha Liverpool International Carnival, we take a look at the pulsating, wild and vivacious code of dress at these exhilarating carnivals. A carnival is one event that gives every woman the opportunity to try something so different and unlike her normal style. It gives her the confidence to wear colours and prints that she would normally classify as ‘outlandish’ all in the name of carnival.

From hair accessories, to the way make-up is applied and choosing the matching, faultless pair of shoes, all aspects must emerge in to the theme of a carnival. It is a common idea to think of ‘carnival’ and see sequins, feathers and beads all come to mind. However, having the courage to put together an outfit that you would never wear on any other occasion is all the fun of attending such a unique type of event.

For some people the thought of embracing the quirky carnival fashion maybe even more daunting than others. Some women may find the opportunity to dress up in bright and bold colours liberating and a great way to express themselves by representing parts of their culture or tradition that they might not be able to expose on a day to day basis.

To be on trend at the next carnival you attend add pieces that express the cool, flamboyant side of the tropical. A printed bodycon dress, statement rings and necklaces, a feathered band in your hair or for a more casual look, denim shorts and a vibrant vest top with a classic pair of high top sneakers. Add a bright coloured red lipstick and a flick of eye-liner and you’re all set for your new carnival fashion adventure.