The East Coast of American, a concrete Lapland

New York

New York

The East Coast of America is only worth going if you want some “urban excitement” with a “contemporary cool”. New York also known as the “Big Apple” is the real place of attraction for all city types and those wishing to explore the rugged untamed streets. Historians will take “New York” as the scenic route to get to “Philadelphia”, the city of “brotherly love”. “Philadelphia” is both artsy and historically accurate. For American’s the defining moment for them was the “Declaration of Independence”, and you will be able to relive this moment on a tour through the city where, you will not only see the prolific sites, but also the defining moments for America becoming established as one of the “super powers” of the free world.

Washington DC is just a stone throw away from “New York”, and here is home to a great deal of people from “Amish” decent and those that practice openly and freely. Turning back the clock you will get the opportunity to experience what is referred to as the “Amish Country”. As history tells us the Amish are originally German settlers that have opted to live in a traditional, conservative manner that is very reminiscent of a world without technology and certain social emancipation. In the eyes of the “Amish” technology brings with it temptation and deviance. Whether you agree or not, one thing that can be said is you will be amazed that living this way doesn’t impede on their way of life or living, it is just an alternative. Following this stroll down history, take on another stroll in the form of visiting the cemetery where John F. Kennedy was laid to rest (Arlington National Cemetery). If this sounds a little like doom and gloom, the famous Washington DC monuments that are illuminated will provide you with solace as you welcome the night.

The free entry museums in the “Smithsonian Institute” are sure to thrill if on a tight budget. Party animals may not feel like this is the ideal form of recreational activity, just as well “DuPont Circle” is close by “Georgetown”, so you can party with the local students if in it for the thrill.

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