Good health is hard to maintain in a world filled with toxins and pollutants that wreck havoc on the body’s ability to heal itself. It’s not surprising that diseases like diabetes and cancer are rampant throughout the world. Everyone lives in a high stressed environment where the pace of life doesn’t allow for reflection or relaxation. While everyone should take their health seriously, many leave their health in the doctor’s hands. Health takes a a back seat to the pursuit of money to maintain an inflated lifestyle.

Most people have come to accept lies and half truths as gospel truths. Unfortunately, those beliefs are keeping many sick and poor.

Only Drugs Can Cure

Drugs are considered to be the first line of defense to treat every known illness. The moment the patient steps into the doctor’s office, he is assured of leaving with one or more prescriptions. Today’s generation has never heard the old adage that there is no such thing as a safe drug. Prescription and over-the-counter drugs consist of chemicals that are foreign to the body, nor do they work with the body’s natural ability to fight disease. Drugs don’t cure. Too often the side effects create further illness that is treated with more drugs. No drug is really safe despite what is claimed.

Only Doctors Know How to Cure

Over the years the public has come to trust their doctors as miracle workers. Faith in the doctor’s ability became well established though such faith today is basically groundless. Standard practitioners treat disease through drugs or surgery as these methods are what they learned in med school. Few know much about natural formulations that produce far better results than drugs and without side effects. Today’s doctor knows how to treat, but not cure disease.

The Body Needs Help to Fight Disease

It’s a belief that has been drilled into the mind through clever advertising. The body, we are told, is vulnerable and too weak to fight daily viruses and bacteria. The only way to prevent disease is by taking a drug or getting a vaccine. When left alone the body is capable of putting up a defense against all diseases. Chemicals and environmental pollutants interfere with the body’s natural healing ability. A proper diet, exercise and the elimination of bad habits such as smoking and drinking help to bring the body to an alkaline state where disease cannot flourish. It is true that as we age, some functions slow down but not to the point where we become completely incapacitated.

Doctors Have the Patient’s Interest at Heart

The key to health starts with every individual taking control over his or her body and mind rather than leaving health in a doctor’s hands. While there are doctors who are concerned about keeping their patients healthy, many more are concerned about their pocketbooks. Profits can only come from treating the sick. Healthy people are not found in doctor’s offices.

The key to a healthy body starts with taking personal control and treating the body with what it needs to stay well. Honest education about health is not something the traditional medical industry is interested in supplying to the public.