After she delighted the world with the news she was expecting twins in February this year, Queen Bey has shown no sign of slowing down. She’s posted a series of stunning pregnancy photos on her Instagram page since announcing her pregnancy, often with daughter Blue Ivy posing next to her in adorable snaps. She used a floral background and veiled shrine to announce her pregnancy initially, in which she stated her and her family had ‘been blessed two times over’ hinting at the fact she was expecting twins. After the wonderful news broke, fans have been speculating about when Beyonce is due, and what names she might choose for Blue’s younger sibling. Read on to find out all we know so far.

When is she due?

Beyonce announced her pregnancy in February, which if she’s waited for the 12 weeks most people wait for to announce a pregnancy, she should be due sometime in August. The Queen of surprises (remember her Beyonce album that dropped unannounced in 2013?) could have kept her pregnancy secret longer than the expected 12 weeks, however. Whilst Jay-Z has been spotted heading in and out of their home recently, Beyonce has been keeping a low profile, which could mean she’s due any time now.

Is she having boys or girls?

Beyonce has remained tight-lipped on the gender of her children, possibly due to the fact she and Jay have opted not to find out themselves! Fans have been speculating on subliminal messages from the star’s Instagram posts about the colours she’s been wearing and accessorising with as to whether this gives us a secret insight. Wearing a mixture of blue, pink and light purples has led some to conclude that Beyoncé is expecting a boy and girl.

When will we know?

Beyonce’s opted to have a home birth this time, with sources claiming she’s building a maternity unit worth £1million in the couple’s Hollywood mansion. Whilst it’s unusual for a mother to have twins at home, Beyonce’s in peak physical condition and is working with expert doctors to ensure her labour and birth are a smooth process.

Time will tell when Beyonce finally has her twins, and if her pregnancy is anything to go by, we’re most likely to find out via Instagram.