The Trinidad and Tobago High Commission hosted a Summers Evening event on the evening of 13th August 2014 which aimed to introduce Trinidad and Tobago along with Guyana. The event saw a debriefing session after a group of journalists travelled to Trinidad, Tobago and Guyana separately, encountering the beautiful tourist destinations in each wonderful country. Guest speakers spoke about developments in Guyana, they gave an overview of Trinidad and Tobago and how they are progressing with the country in the UK. Also about the tourism industry in both countries, and Wilderness Explorers spoke about what they are doing to mark their twentieth anniversary.

The event was attended by tour operators, reps from each country and guides who offered insight as to why the best way to fly in to Guyana is through stopping over at Trinidad and Tobago and instead stumbling across not just one, but two idyllic Caribbean nirvanas.