Hollywood A-lister Zoe Saldana lives a notoriously private life. Despite starring in box office hits such as Guardians of the Galaxy and Avatar, the actress still manages to keep her personal life under wraps. Now, Zoe – who married husband Marco Perego in 2013 – has revealed that the pair will continue to shy away from the cameras and avoid making headlines.

The 38-year-old told E! News:

“We walk a very balanced line with the kind of things that we like to share publicly of our lives and what we must preserve. It all has to do with respecting the privacy of our family members, because they’re too young.”

Zoe and Marco share three kids together, two-year-old twins Bowie and Cy, as well as newborn Zen. The proud parents have now explained why they make a point not to show the boys’ faces on social networking sites such as Twitter and Instagram. Zoe added to E! News:

“They don’t really understand when there are cameras in their faces or when there are people always trying to tug at mommy or tug at daddy. We want them to reach a stage where they’re starting to become curious naturally and organically. When that time comes, then we’ll expose them accordingly to what we do as artists.”

Of course, this desire to preserve privacy shouldn’t come as a surprise. After all, Zoe and Marco famously tied the knot in secret after a whirlwind romance. Talking about getting hitched away from the prying eyes of the world’s media, Zoe once told Ocean Drive magazine: “I love what I do so much, but I love my personal life more.”

She continued:

“I realised through the years of being in this business that the only way to maintain some kind of sanity is to protect that which is most dear to you, which is your life and everyone that’s in it.”

Will Zoe open up more?

It’s possible that Zoe will reveal more about her marriage once her children get a little older. Until then, it’s likely she’ll continue to dodge the celebrity news gossip columns as she strives for privacy.

Photo: Zoe Saldana by Gage Skidmore licensed under Creative commons 5

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