The food industry claims the reason for the members of the public being fat is primarily due to a lack of physical exercise. You, I, lack discipline! To some extent they are correct, but they do not provide information on “How to slim down through exercise”. If they did there is likely to be a negative impact on their bottom line. It is unlikely the food industry is about to cease producing chemical laced food, any time soon. That makes it vitally important that you choose the right foods to maintain health and weight. You, not the food industry, must take the initiative as to what you eat.

The Advertising and Food Industries: a formidable duo

Advertising is a science. It plays on your emotions and has been very effective in getting you to buy. Advertising appeals with its pictures of juicy burgers and a mega gulp, all for less than the cost of a head of broccoli. Down goes a triple cheeseburger and up goes the weigh scales.

If weight is your problem, it’s likely due to your lack of knowledge of the ingredients the industry puts into the food you eat. Healthy eating starts with the discipline to say no to poor food quality. Finding the discipline to embrace healthy fayre is no easy task in a high stressed world where everything is based on convenience. But it can be done.


The Food Industry Focus

Before sitting down to a plate of calorie filled Poutine, you should consider that the food industry is transfixed on profits. If they can produce food in abundance and cheaply, they will make more money. What goes into food is less important than the dollars derived from sales. You must not believe the industry’s claim that they have your best interests at heart.

Quality is Important

Yesterday’s farmland was rotated to allow fallow land to replenish its vitamin and mineral content. Today, the same land is used over and over again, treated with chemical fertilizers that strip the soil of needed nutrients. Pesticide treatments keep the bugs away, but the end result is low quality food on your plate. A healthy body needs vital nutrients which it can use to eliminate toxins and chemicals which would otherwise get stored as fat.

Listen with a Biased Ear

We tend to believe that what we hear, read or see on media broadcasting. No matter what the subject being advertised is about, the purpose is to get you to buy. We become hypnotized by the claims of truthfulness. Listening with a biased ear is important when it comes to food and its stated quality. In the long run it can preserve your health and even save you the money needed to buy organic food.


Taking Health Seriously

Ask most people how they rate their health and they’ll tell you they give it top priority. Study their eating habits and you are likely to disbelieve the truth of their statements. Health just doesn’t seem to be that important next to making a living. Despite their claims, good health is delayed until disease strikes. The priority of health goes out the window whenever they pass a burger poster offering up a two for one special.

Focus on Making a Start

You don’t need to go cold turkey and reject everything that comes from the local supermarket. Eating healthier requires taking steps to eliminating those foods that come loaded with unhealthy fats and refined carbohydrates. You benefit from making small changes now, rather than later.

The right approach helps build the discipline you need to avoid believing all the food claims you are exposed to daily. You can make the right choices to eat healthy for a disease free life.

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