Isabella Anderson is eleven years old and loves the following:
Italian sausage, traveling, the months of November and December and guinea pigs. She lives in Scott, LA with her parents, Timmy and Kristi, younger sister, Harper, a cool cat Oliver, and her guinea pig, Nibbi. Bella is fluent in French and moving to middle school in August.

In third grade, my teacher at my French Immersion School, Myrtle Place Elementary, made a bargain with the principal of Sarrault Primaire Elementary School in Martinique. We started writing letters to the kids in the fourth grade class and we became long distance friends. About 20 students from Sarrault came to stay in Lafayette, Louisiana, for two weeks in the spring of 2016. It was so much fun. We performed together at the annual Festival International in Lafayette and we showed them our culture.

In May of 2017, we started our end of the bargain as we left for the beautiful island of Martinique.

It was a long trip, but it was so worth it as we stayed with our host families, learned how to play the conch shells, learned about the island and how everyone on the island enjoyed each other and their special way of life.


On the second to last day of our trip, we took a traditional sailing boat on the water. How it works is that there are three large boards that are used for balance. One person must sit on each pole and keep the boat balanced. The boat made me nervous because I was scared it would tip over in the middle of the ocean.

One of boats, thankfully not mine, tried to turn and flipped! My mom and sister were on that boat. As I saw them from the shore, I kept thinking, “C’est bon que je suis pas sur cette bateau!” But sad that my best friends and family were on the boat. Everything worked out and they made it safely back to shore.

The trip ended with us being stranded in the Miami airport, due to poor weather conditions, where we all were brushing our teeth in the bathrooms. Thankfully, we found a hotel around 1am and had a bed to sleep in with the nice comfort of an air conditioned room. Unfortunately, but fortunately, we stayed another night in Miami due to the same bad weather.

With everything I experienced on that trip, here is what I learned:

“Defois les meuilleurs choses dans la vie, sont les choses qui ne se passe pas sur plan.”

Harper Anderson – A Beautiful Winter Evening

Harper is 9 years old, fluent in French and loves to draw and paint. She finally got a cat, named Oliver who is bringing her so many gifts and memories.

H Anderson

“I made it last year and it took a lot of work. Some times it was complicated and sometimes it was easy.

I made it from a picture and thought it was pretty. My teacher thought it would be nice. I liked how it came out.

My inspiration to draw? It was my family.”