-A film by Patrick Baucelin

Forts and fortresses in the Caribbean were the only defense against invasions sometimes by English, sometimes by French, Dutch  and Spanish.

All known or unknown, in ruins, restored or erecting still proudly turn, all have a story and resonates to their glorious past.

Look at these marvels of fortified architecture, these sentinels of stone erected over the centuries.

In the sea or mountains there across the Caribbean (Martinique, Guadeloupe, Saint Martin, Sint Maarten, Puerto Rico, St. Kitts, Grenada,Barbados, Antigua, Haiti, Jamaica, Cuba , Dominican Republic, …).

The story invites us to push the door of these fortifications, witnesses of our memory.

The knowledge of this heritage has become an important element in the population.

Today the West Indies during the colonial period, the islands were the object of lust and  constant attacks.

The enemy came from the sea and the coastal area was held constant attention.

Go back in over time with historical detail, the milestones that have marked the history of the Caribbean and anecdotes about the sights of everyone who will make this documentary, a film unavoidable and exciting.

Secrets of the Caribbean Fortresses

Secrets of the Caribbean Fortresses