Celebrities are trend-setters; it’s part of their job description. In other words, they emerge in public with a hot new hairstyle and within days the rest of the world follows suit. Sometimes they get it horribly wrong, but mostly they – thanks to their super-talented celebrity hairstylists – pick just the right style and start a brand new trend.

Jennifer Aniston is a good example of this. Way back when Jen was starring in one of the most famous sitcoms of all time, Friends, she had her hair styled into what became an iconic cut: The Rachel. In no time at all, everyone wanted ‘The Rachel’ cut, even if it didn’t suit them at all. A decade or so earlier, the Princess Diana phenomenon had much the same effect on the public consciousness – women everywhere wanted the same hairstyle as Diana.

But times change and so do hairstyles, so what are the current celebrity haircuts to look out for?

The Lob

The lob is a variation on the traditional bob. The bob is a classic, timeless style worn by millions of women. It has the advantage of suiting just about every face shape, so no matter what your age is or what you look like, the chances are good that a bob will suit you. The lob is basically a long bob, but whereas a bob is usually sleek and stylish, a long bob, or lob as it is known, is messy and looks like the owner has just climbed out of bed.

Jennifer Aniston, Taylor Swift and Scarlett Johansson have all rocked the lob in the last twelve months, which is a good reason to ask your hairstylist for the lob if you decide to update your look.

The Bombshell

“Vintage” is a very popular trend right now. Think old-school Hollywood glamour with a sexy, modern twist and you would be about there. It isn’t a look that everyone can pull off, but as long as you don’t mind spending lots of time perfecting your hair, makeup and outfit, the bombshell is a great style for ladies with mid length to long hair.

The bombshell, see the Katy Perry look above, is very much a red carpet favourite. To perfect the bombshell look, you need smooth, sleek waves of hair, smoky eyes and red-hot lips. It is possible to do this at home, but for best results head to your favourite salon, and ask them to turn you into a Rita Hayworth wannabe.

The Pixie

The Pixie is short and sweet. Mia Farrow rocked the pixie crop way back in 1968, but today’s stars also love the look – Rihanna and Keira Knightly being two good examples. It isn’t a look that everyone can carry off, but it can be flattering, especially on older women. The pixie cut is also very low maintenance, so if you don’t have the time or the inclination to spend messing with your hair, this could be a good one for you.

Whatever celebrity hairstyle you go for, do make sure you pick the right stylist or your new look could end up being a ‘B’ movie shocker.