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Black Up

“Black-up” is a beauty/cosmetic brand that’s focal point is to highlight women of colours beauty. Its acquiescence is to show that all women, no matter the hue can wear make-up. Without a doubt certain colours work better with darker skins, however application and education go hand in hand. As the saying goes, “when you know better, you do better”. In view of that it must be assumed that if your make-up is a little muddled it is due to a miss-education.

Thankfully “Black-up” not only offers beauty products for the face, eyes and lips, it also delivers when it comes to assisting consumers in attaining the make-up “look”. When you arrive at the website you will discover that you too can choose from three varied make-up looks:

Thereby not only giving you three make-up options but also giving you ideas on the best “look”, in accordance to your own personal skin complexion. Just because you have a darker hue doesn’t mean you should be left in the dark!

Black Up

Nude chic look

As you know the condition of the skin is the base for the make-up. An even, dewy and clear surface will allow for a better result. Successfully so “Black-up” also manufactures products with this aim in mind (see their range of cleansers, gels and moisturisers).

Some of “Black-up’s” best sellers include a matifying primer and a 2-in-1 compact powder, that can be used as both a foundation or pressed powder, the choice is yours, once the primer is applied it will reduce oil and help conceal pores, after this stage you can then go ahead and cake on the compact powder, but just remember less is more. More doesn’t mean more attractive, instead it may mean you have more to hide.

Black Up

Intense black

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