If you suffer from chronically dry skin, damaged hair, brittle nails, or any other beauty care problems, then you need special methods to fix them. The following beauty care tips on how to fix common skin, hair, and nail problems can make your life a lot easier and help your natural beauty shine through.

Hair Problems

The things women do to their hair for the sake of beauty on a day to day basis often damage and even destroy their hair’s beauty in the long run. Ironing, curling, and coloring all do a lot of damage to the hair, but most women would never give them up.

Blow-drying your hair does more damage than just about anything else you could do to it except bleaching. Always let your hair air dry if you can. If you are in a rush and absolutely cannot avoid it, keep the dryer moving constantly, so the heat doesn’t build up. Also, you should always hold it at least six inches away from your hair, for the same reason.

To fix damaged hair, you should consider getting a trim. Cutting away the split ends will keep your hair from splitting further. You should also consider showering with lukewarm water, because hot water can aggravate the damage you have already done. You also have to select the right shampoo and conditioner. Avoid any that contain sulfates. Your conditioner should have either keratin or quinoa protein, which can actually repair damaged hair.

Skin Care Problems

If you have oily skin or acne problems, you need to wash your face with lukewarm water two or three times a day. During your morning wash, use an oil-based cleanser to pull the grease from your pores. Use only water-based makeup and oil-free moisturizers.

If you have problems with dry skin, you need to use a mild cleanser when you wash in the morning, followed by a moisturizer. Massage the moisturizer in, which will stimulate circulation. Better circulation means healthier skin. Take lukewarm showers, because hot showers will make your skin extra dry. Apply a nourishing cream to your skin before you head to bed.

If you are unfortunate enough to have both oily and dry skin in different places, you need to wash your face in the morning and in the evening, but not more often. This should get rid of the excess oil without further drying out the dry patches. Use only the mildest cleanser when washing, and an oil-free moisturizer for your dry patches.

Nail Care Problems

If your nails are always breaking and splitting, then your diet is probably the problem. To fix it, eat a lot of protein and anything with vitamins E, D, and B in it. A handful of almonds a day will do your nails a world of good.

Don’t use nail polish remover. It softens your nails and makes them prone to breaking. Nail files are even worse. Instead, soak your nails in lemon juice for several minutes and wipe it off with a cotton ball. If your nails are brittle, soak them in olive oil for 15 minutes each day to keep them strong and healthy.

The Takeaway

Even if you have serious hair, skin, or nail problems, you can still look beautiful. A few simple changes to your beauty care routine will let you fix any problem.

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