Five Tips for Finding Your Style

Most women struggle with finding an everyday fashion style that looks good on them and makes them feel great. They look at pictures of models and celebrities or at fashion spreads in magazines and think, “I could never wear that!”

Why not? Fashion doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Fashion is about finding a style that makes the person wearing it feel great. But what if you don’t know your style? A lot of woman struggle with identifying their fashion style and so they fall back on a plain tee and jeans. Day in and day out. It gets boring and doesn’t project the image of a happy, confident woman. It doesn’t have to be this way! For the woman who doesn’t know her style, here are five tips to help narrow it down:

1. Join and start pinning pictures of outfits or clothing items you like. You don’t even have to know why you like the outfit, just pin it for now. Search online clothing stores for pieces you like and check fashion blogs for outfits. Thousands of people use Pinterest to pin outfits they love, so you can also search Pinterest itself for ideas.

2. Find celebrities whose overall fashion sense you like. Maybe you don’t like every outfit the celebrity wears, but if there are many that you do, take note of the celebrity and keep her in your radar. You can use sites such as to look at pictures of celebrity outfits, or look through issues of InStyle, Lucky, or any other magazine that regularly features celebrities. Gossip magazines count! You’re only looking at the clothes, so it doesn’t matter what the publication is (although you can read the juicy gossip too if you want).

3. Now that you have a collection of photos on Pinterest and a list of celebrities whose style you like best, study them and figure out what they all have in common. What kind of styles or details do you see pop up again and again? If you have a lot of pictures of dresses and skirts, or ruffles and lace, your style might be very feminine or romantic. If you’ve pinned a lot of black leather, skinny jeans, and chunky boots, maybe your style is edgy. What adjectives come to mind when you look at these pictures? Maybe your style is sporty, trendy, or even classic.

4. Define your basic wardrobe to two neutrals and three colours. Neutrals are easy: black, gray, brown, or even navy or olive. Pick two that you like best. Black is not always the best option, as it can look very harsh against some skin tones. For colours, think of your favourite colours. When you shop, what colours are you usually drawn to? What colours have other people said you look good in? Your entire wardrobe may not be limited to just these colours, but they should make up the majority of it.

5. Finally, go to a store and try things on. You don’t have to buy anything today if you don’t want to. Go in, pick a bunch of clothes in the style and colours that you identified in the previous steps, and then try them on in the dressing room. Take a long look at yourself in the mirror from all angles. How do you feel in these outfits? Do the pieces flatter your body? Does the color bring out your eyes or skin tone?

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