While celebrities spend thousands of dollars on their make up, you can use these simple make up hacks to achieve the same flawless look at home. Make your eyes and lips pop with these 5 easy tips that won’t break your beauty budget. These make up tricks are simple to try and can be added to your daily beauty routine.

Do you wish you had perfect, flawless makeup like Jennifer Aniston or long for Angelina Jolie’s full lips? You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on high-end beauty and make up products to look like a celebrity. Add these 5 simple make up hacks to your daily routine to achieve a beautiful, star-quality look.

White eyeliner is your best friend.

White eyeliner is a must-have product, and is a versatile contouring and highlighting tool. Buy an inexpensive white eyeliner and use it to outline your cupid’s bow to make lips look fuller. Highlight your brow area to give your eyes an instant lift. Swipe a line under and above eyebrows and softly blend with a beauty sponge. White eyeliner works wonders on eyelids. Fill in your eyelids with a white pencil or outline just the top lid with white eyeliner. White eyeliner reflects the light and makes your eyes appear larger. Make your nose appear smaller and more defined by drawing a soft line down the bridge of your nose and blend well.

Make lipstick last longer with powder.

Runway models have been using this lip trick for years. Use eyeliner or lip pencil in a neutral shade. Fill in entire mouth and then apply lipstick. Stick with a matte lipstick or lip stain. Press a tissue to your lips and with a large make up brush, gently dab loose powder over lips. The powder helps lipstick last longer. For smooth and shiny lips, dab on clear or a nude/neutral shade gloss just to the pout points of your lips.

Use a warmed eyelash curler for full, eye-popping lashes.

Heat up your eyelash curler for a few seconds with a hair dryer and then curl lashes. The heat sets the curl in your lashes. Give lashes extra staying power by spraying the eyelash curler with hair spray. Hair spray holds the curl longer and makes lashes look fuller and longer. Make sure to wash and sanitize your eyelash curler on a regular basis, especially if you use the hairspray trick.

Create your own gel eyeliner.

Carefully place the tip of an eyeliner pencil over a flame (i.e. a match) for a few seconds. Wait for at least 15 seconds before you apply the eyeliner. Your eyeliner will glide on smoothly and easily. After applying, smudge the corners of your eyes for a smoky look.

Recycle mascara brushes.

Don’t throw out your old mascara wands. Before reusing the brushes, clean and dry thoroughly. Use mascara brushes to brush and tame unruly eyebrows. Use a clean brush to brush through lashes and remove mascara clumps.
You don’t need to be a celebrity to look like one. These 5 make up hacks listed above are not only cost-effective, but they are simple and easy to try at home.