Makeup that lasts Longer

You may think that the most important part of applying makeup is choosing complementary colours, buying high quality products or wielding your brushes in just the right way. While all these steps matter, there are few things more frustrating than applying the perfect makeup and then glancing in the mirror during your lunch break to see an entirely different look.

Smudging, fading, smearing and flaking can downgrade even the most flawless makeup application within a few hours, meaning that all your careful application has gone to waste. This is especially true when you are facing the elements, such as heat, humidity or dry winter air. Unfortunately, smudged makeup is an annoyance that many women face. Fortunately, there are many simple solutions and fixes. By taking a few extra minutes each day, you can feel confident that your makeup will stay put, no matter what your day holds in store for you.

Preparation is essential. The right moisturiser preps your skin for makeup application, addressing dryness or roughness that could cause issues later. Opt for a lightweight moisturising lotion that will absorb quickly. Thicker, greasier lotions are more suitable for nighttime use, since this type of lotion might cause your makeup to smudge. If you are really serious about keeping your makeup in place, use a primer. These subtle lotions are either transparent or lightly tinted.

Primers combat oiliness, blemishes and dryness, creating a smoother surface for your makeup and resulting in longer wear. Pat the primer onto your face, focusing on areas where you will be applying makeup. Remember that applying makeup lightly and effectively is better than applying heavy layers. When you wear too many products applied too thickly, it means that your makeup does not have a good foundation and may wear off more easily and quickly.

Another secret of long-lasting makeup is to focus on your favourite features. While it is possible to keep your whole face looking flawless throughout the day, sometimes it’s easier to focus on key features. If your blush looks a little less rosy by the end of the day, nobody will notice because your eyes are still mesmerising. To keep your complexion looking fresh and keep your blush and foundation in place, apply sheer, translucent powder. This will control oiliness or sweating, minimize the appearance of pores and reduce smudging.

If you want your eyes to look flawless all day long, pat an eye shadow primer onto your eyelids before applying any other makeup. Learn the difference between a base, which intensifies the colour of shadows, and a primer, which preps the delicate skin of your lids and prevents creasing or fading. Waterproof mascara tends to be more resilient than its counterpart and liquid eyeliner tends to fade less than pencil versions. If you want to emphasise your pout all day long, reach for a lip liner that exactly matches your chosen lipstick or your natural lip color. Outline the natural shape of your lips, keeping within the borders rather than extending past your natural edges. This border will help your lipstick last longer and reduce unflattering smudging. To keep the color of your lipstick or gloss looking bold, apply a very light layer of foundation cream before you put on your lipstick

Finally, keep your makeup fresh by touching up throughout the day. Although prevention is ideal, sometimes, a little fading or smearing is almost inevitable. Don’t let it get you down, though. Carry along a few key items in your purse, briefcase or backpack and you will always be ready to look flawless within minutes. Blotting papers let you easily and quickly absorb excess oil, keeping your face looking fresh and matte. Be sure to press lightly to avoid lifting or smudging colour, and focus primarily on areas that are prone to excess oil, such as your T-zone. Reapplication is an effective way to refresh your look.

Instead of carrying around your entire arsenal of makeup, bring along one or two key products. Sweeping on a new coat of eyeliner helps your eyes pop out, providing colour and definition that distracts from fading eye shadow or mascara. A quick coat of your most flattering lipstick shade helps you look more polished or flirty in a heartbeat. You can also make use of your existing makeup. If your eye shadow has creased or collected in one corner of your eyelid, use your fingertip to gently blend it upwards and across your entire lid.

By prepping your skin with moisturisers and primers, focusing on your favourite features and remembering to reapply whenever you have a spare minute, your makeup will be able to easily keep up with your busy lifestyle.

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