Anedie Azael is not your typical beauty queen. While enjoying a successful career as a top model, this young dynamo has also invested her heart and spirit into helping others, making a real difference in the world and changing lives for the better. She is the first representative of Haiti in the Miss International competition, and the founder of Peace Love International, a charitable organization devoted to helping kids.

This is the story of a dynamic, young model who has sauntered down international runways to the flashes of eager photographers, and whose image has graced the covers of fashion magazines worldwide. Major labels showcase their prized clothing collections on her lithe 5’10” frame. Her fresh face is the corporate image of Alpha Communication Network, the first Haitian internet service provider.

She won the crown of Miss Haiti Universe in July 2011, and is currently representing her home country in the Miss International competition taking place in Okinawa, Japan–the first time ever that Haiti has been represented in this event.

With such a prestigious high-fashion career at her feet, this woman could immerse herself in the star-studded life of glamour, indulging in fame and reveling in the material comforts that brings.

Yet, this is the same woman who, at the tender age of 21, successfully spearheaded efforts to bring in over $10 million in relief to earthquake-stricken Haiti, and who recently oversaw the distribution of numerous beds to orphans who previously slept on flat mats or even bare floors. One day, she’s promoting chic designs of top-shelf designers; the next, she is behind the wheel of a U-Haul truck collecting goods for those in need.

This amazing young woman is Anedie Azael, a Creole beauty queen whose outward radiance and grace shines from within.

Creole Creativity

As Miss Haiti Universe, Azael had no itinerary of official activities nor an entourage of staff to guide and assist her. But that mattered little to this trailblazer, who set up her own plans and pushed forward to make a difference in the world, led by her own devotion, drive and enthusiasm. Azael is involved in numerous efforts to improve conditions for others, focusing particularly on children of her native country. She has been known to help kids by purchasing necessary educational supplies, paying tuition costs and sharing the gift of her own sunshine and encouragement. It is her dream to inspire other young people to improve themselves mentally and physically, and to keep a positive outlook on life while helping others.

Born and raised in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Azael was raised with a mindset of helping people in need, guided by her mother’s generous acts of kindness towards others. Azael relocated to the United States as a teenager to study in Miami. Within a few short years, she signed with a Miami-based modelling agency and was quickly catapulted into the limelight of the fashion world. Since then, she has been heralded for her work promoting Dior and other fashion houses of grand repute.

Azael continued her studies, majoring in Business Management and minoring in Liberal Studies. She graduated from Florida International University, but believes in lifelong education and always looks for new opportunities to learn.

While in Japan, Azael will be educating the world about Haiti–the Pearl of the Antilles; once upon a time, France’s richest colony–and promoting the country as the gorgeous tourist destination it rightly is. Despite a major earthquake and other national concerns, Haiti still boasts its towering, emerald-green namesake mountains and clear, azure waters lapping sugar-sand beaches. Plunging waterfalls spill into deep basins, cozy little grottos and outpourings of pools. The proud populace of Haiti enthusiastically welcomes visitors, and tourists can certainly look forward to more memorable adventures than the typical cruise ship experience offers. Travellers can even choose to embark upon a volunteer working vacation, combining a Haitian holiday with a period of service to this re-emerging country. Haiti celebrates its efforts toward renewal and revitalization through floral-bedecked street parades, lively konpa music, characteristic local flavours and by simply accentuating all things positive in day-to-day life.

Miss Haiti International

The Miss International logo espouses the themes of peace, love and hope. How fitting, then, that Haiti would be represented in this competition by Azael, whose own non-profit organization is named Peace Love International, Inc. As it happened, Azael saw the terrible destruction wrought by the 2010 Haitian earthquake, and took action, providing desperately-needed help to a nation in disastrous need, long before even thinking about forming any sort of foundation to coordinate the efforts. She only established the organization in response to being repeatedly asked which charitable agency she represented! Beyond Haiti, her group now has initiatives across the globe, including projects in Ecuador, South Africa and other regions of the world. Peace Love International’s mission is to “plant the seeds of understanding, compassion and unity by example and through education.” Azael, the organization’s founder, president and executive director, strongly believes in aiding people by teaching them self-sufficiency, rather than enabling them to become ever-dependent.

In case her modelling career, beauty queen competitions and management of Peace Love International aren’t enough, Azael is also the head coordinator and an ambassador for Word and Action, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing child abuse within Haiti and across the United States. A current Word and Action project under way is the establishment of the House and Hearts centre: a sanctuary where children and adult victims of sexual abuse can obtain desperately needed services. Planned offerings include medical, psychological, educational, recreational and several other services.

A Spirit of Success

All of Azael’s endeavours seem to involve nurturing love and respect, while engendering confidence and self-esteem in women and children. Far more than just a pretty face with a pretty figure, Azael is an enterprising woman whose effervescent personality and generous spirit captivates and invigorates those around her.

And what’s next for Azael? Perhaps a clothing boutique featuring her own fashion line for both men and women; a fashion and beauty television show; marketing a collection of fragrant, luxurious soaps; maybe even establishing her own tourism agency to welcome the world to her home country. Whatever awaits in the wings for this bright beauty, there can be no doubt that Azael will step up to the challenge with her usual strength, confidence, positive outlook and dazzling smile.

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