You look and feel great when you leave the salon with your hair beautifully coiffed, but what happens the next morning when you wash it? Frizzing, split ends and lank, lifeless hair… yes, it’s another bad hair day. Kreol highlights a simple five-step process to salon-perfect hair!

Most women have experienced the “bad hair day” feeling. But along with the basics of a getting a good cut and colour, there are steps you can take to help you enjoy a good hair day, every day!

➊ Good Hair Starts With a Good Diet

By eating a balanced diet, you provide the nutrients your body needs to strengthen your hair. To ensure you are getting enough essentials such as zinc, iron and magnesium, top up your intake of Omega-3, which can be found in oily fishes such as tuna, salmon and mackerel. Vitamin B6, found in bananas, potatoes and spinach, and vitamin B12, from poultry and fish, are both beneficial to your hair.

➋ Wash it Like a Professional

Everyone enjoys getting their hair washed at the hairdressers, where they really take time to rinse out all the suds, and then massage with conditioner. Repeat that salon wash at home, with the right products for your hair type, instead of your usual “wash and go” approach. The secret is to wash away all the shampoo, which will otherwise build up a residue and leave your hair dull. Rinse your conditioner out with cool water to ensure you seal in all the moisturising ingredients, and to help prevent frizzing.

➌ Choose Heat-Protecting Products

Your hair suffers not only from the elements but also from the “burn” of hair-dryers and other heated tools, such as straighteners. Use a serum to protect your hair and prevent split ends and hair breakage. Once a week, use a hair mask made from natural products to rehydrate and nourish the hair shaft and follicles. Always check the label of your chosen products and try to avoid too many chemicals. Go for those using natural ingredients wherever possible.

➍ Be Kind with Your Brush

Don’t skimp when buying styling tools for your hair. Choose brushes with natural bristles that won’t stretch and break your hair, and never brush when your hair is wet. A good wide-toothed comb is the best option to de-tangle before you blow-dry. Brushing your hair stimulates blood circulation, which will boost hair growth and improve hair condition, but gently does it! Using a wide-barrelled brush like the professionals is more likely to produce results that look like a professional styled your hair.

➎ Lift and Tease

Give flat hair a bit of lift by bending the strands around your wide-barrelled brush as you dry them. Start from the root and dry in small sections. Gently nozzle-dry the whole length of each strand, and give a final upward blast to the root. You will be amazed at the difference this trick makes. To add height at your crown, gently back-comb a small section; to give it some hold, spritz with a light-hold hair spray.

When your hair looks good, you feel good, and once you’ve chosen the right products, washing and styling it like the professionals will mean that every day can be a good hair day!

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