There are many reasons why you may be experiencing problems with your skin. Although many skin problems are caused by external factors such as bacteria and sun exposure, the food that you eat may also be causing your skin to look worse than it should. Let’s take a look at some of the worst foods for your complexion.

Dairy Products

It has been believed for a long time that dairy products may be connected to acne, and there are a number of studies to back up this connection. However, you shouldn’t completely remove dairy from your diet if you don’t have to. These foods do provide your body with essential nutrients, so you have to be smart about the choices you make. Skim milk in particular has been demonstrated to contribute to acne breakouts. If you do choose to drink milk, stick to whole milk.

High-Glycemic Foods

Foods that contain a very high amount of simple carbohydrates such as sugars have what is referred to as a high glycemic index. When you eat these kinds of foods, your blood insulin level spikes. One of the results of an insulin spike can be inflammation. This inflammation is very likely to be experienced in the form of skin blemishes. If you want healthy skin, you should avoid foods and drinks that are very sugary. You should also cut down on foods such as breads and pastas that are made with enriched flour. If you do eat grains, make sure that they are whole grains.

Fried Food

Although people commonly know that fried food can be connected to bad skin, it isn’t for the reason that many think. Although the food is greasy, it isn’t the grease that is causing your skin problems. When proteins and fats are heated to very high temperatures such as those experienced in frying, they form new chemical compounds. These chemical compounds can cause your skin to be much more susceptible to stresses such as UV radiation from the sun. This sensitivity to UV radiation can cause your skin to age more quickly and it can make you more prone to developing skin cancer. Additionally, these substances that are formed in fried foods can contribute to inflammation.


If you’re experiencing a puffy, swollen face, salt may be to blame. An excess of salt can cause the body to retain water, and this retained water can be noticed all over the body. Reducing your salt intake can greatly reduce facial puffiness. It’s not just table salt that you have to eliminate either. If you check the sodium count on the food that you buy, you’ll be shocked to see how much it contains. Microwavable food in particular tends to have a large excess of salt.

If you’re experiencing skin problems, there may not be an external cause. Your diet may be the factor that is ruining your complexion. Before you go to the dermatologist or buy expensive skin creams, try eliminating these troublesome foods from your diet. You may be surprised to see how quickly you experience the effects.


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