In a world where supermodels reign supreme and wearing a size zero is considered a worthy accomplishment, curvaceous women often feel unimportant and undervalued. Some full-figured gals, however, realize that their strength lies in their curves. When you’re a plus size woman who’s decided to embrace her shapely figure instead of camouflaging it, it’s crucial that you know how to choose the fashions that serve you best.

Size Solutions

When it comes to playing up your voluptuous body, choose clothes that fit. Don’t make the same mistake as many larger women who buy clothes that are too large for them in a misguided attempt to disguise their curves. Clothes that are too big tend to make the you look larger than you are and hide your attractive figure features, while clothes that fit properly will show off your bod to perfection. If you’re unsure what size to buy, enlist the help of a knowledgeable sales clerk at one of your favorite stores.


Another mistake many full-figured women make when dressing themselves is avoiding colourful clothing. Instead of hiding your figure beneath staid, somber colours, choose something bright and cheerful. Not only will the colour draw attention to you, it’ll buoy your spirits and make you feel like a superstar. Assess your complexion and hair colour and choose colours that flatter your colour palette. Clothing in bright yellows, vibrant reds, deep purples and rich greens are just some of the options that warrant a second look. If you’re not comfortable with head-to-toe colour, add a flash of flamboyance to a neutral outfit with a colourful scarf or a shawl in an intense hue.

Trendy Temptations

While anyone can be swayed by the latest trend, not every look works on every body. Assess your figure and choose what looks best on you. Just because short skirts are in this season, it doesn’t mean you have to wear them. Spend a day at the mall trying on a variety of styles of clothing and find the look that works for you. If you’re unsure, take along a trusted friend whose sense of style you admire and ask for her opinion.

Ultimate Underwear

When you’re choosing clothing that shows your full figure in its best light, start with a firm foundation. Select undergarments that offer you the support your ample curves require to look their best. Supportive bras, firming underpants and silky slips will make your clothes hang better on your body and avoid the bunching and wrinkling that accompanies binding or loose underwear. Check yourself in a three-way mirror to ensure that your foundation garments flatter you from every angle.

Whether you’re a size 16 or a size 26, once you’ve made the decision to embrace your body type and show it off to its best advantage, throw yourself into the project wholeheartedly. Choose the clothes that are most flattering to you and strut yourself loud and proud for all the world to see.