Children early Learning: Pros and Cons

As a new parent you maintain control over your baby’s early learning program. You determine what they learn and how fast. The most important thing to remember in early learning is to teach without pressuring. An attitude of allowing your child to learn when they want to is best for both of you.

Undue pressure to learn only makes learning a negative activity. You have to be careful not to damage future learning opportunities or the bond you’ve built together.

If you’ve studied early learning pros and cons you will notice two different views from experts in early learning. The experts on the pro side believe that early learning is beneficial for child and parent while others believe it is damaging. After studying both sides only you can choose which path to follow. After doing your due diligence you could decide to give it a chance making sure you’re observant of how early learning affects your baby.


Experts against early learning believe that a young child can be too young to learn no matter the level of intelligence or what is being taught. These experts feel that your baby’s brain must develop to a certain point before the child can be taught anything. Of course you’ll find evidence to the contrary by real-life stories of how children as young as two years old are able to solve algebraic equations.

Those who believe that some very young children do have special abilities to learn also believe that as the child gets older she won’t retain the information. In other words, early learning is a waste of time.

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