No one ever wants to believe that their partner could be cheating on them. But if things feels off in your relationship, something dishonest could be going on behind your back. Here are 18 signs your partner may be cheating:

 Their Phone Is Off-Limits

If your partner’s phone suddenly has a new password you’re not allowed to know, or they’re otherwise more protective of it, be wary. There’s a good chance that there are pictures or conversations on it that they don’t want you to see.

They Go M.I.A.

A cheater likely won’t be answering their phone or replying to text messages when they’re with their affair partner. If you find that there are suddenly large blocks of time where you can’t get a hold of your partner, you should be suspicious.

Your Relationship Lacks Intimacy

If your partner’s libido has dramatically decreased, talk to them about it. If they refuse to discuss it, or offer vague excuses, it could be a sign that they are getting their sexual satisfaction elsewhere.

You’ve Caught Them in a Lie

Cheaters often have to make up lies about their behaviors and their whereabouts. With so many lies, their stories will start to get mixed up in their head. If you’ve caught your partner in a lie, don’t just let it go – it could be a sign that they are being unfaithful.

They’re Picking Fights

If your partner is constantly picking silly fights with you, it could be a bad sign. If you’re fighting often, they will be able to classify your relationship as “unhappy”, thus justifying their affair as a “necessary escape” from their failing relationship.

You Find Unexplainable Expenses

Generally, affairs cost money, whether it’s for dates, gifts, or hotel rooms. If you find unexplainable expenses on your partner’s credit card, or large ATM withdrawals from their accounts, it’s time to ask questions.

You’re No Longer Included

Be wary if your partner starts frequently having nights out where you’re not invited. If you’re suspicious, make sure to ask for specific details about what they’ll be doing, and request pictures if necessary.

They’re Taking More Showers

If your partner abruptly starts showering as soon as they get home, it could be a sign that they are trying to hide someone else’s perfume or cologne. Doing their laundry right away or no longer letting you touch their clothes could be another way to hide an affair.

They Don’t Talk Much

If your partner is becoming distant and uncommunicative, it could be a sign that their mind is on someone else. The guilt from having an affair could also cause your partner to have trouble talking to you or meeting your eye.

Their Friends Are Acting Weird Around You

Your partner may confide in their closest friends about the affair, so if friends start acting strangely around you, it could be a sign that they know something you don’t. Watch out for awkward, guilty behavior that points to them keeping a secret.

They’re Preoccupied with Their Appearance

If your partner is suddenly fixated on their looks, it could be a sign that there is someone new in their life whom they are trying to impress. Ask questions if they are dressing up more than normal for work or to run routine errands.

They Ask For “Space”

If your partner asks you for “space” or “time to think”, it is never a good sign for your relationship. It could mean that they are unsure of their feelings for you, but it could also be a sign that there is another man or woman in the picture.

They’re Hyper-Interested in Your Schedule

A new or heightened interest in your schedule could be cause for alarm. If your spouse suddenly wants to know exactly where you’ll be at all times, they could be using the information to plan meetings with their affair partner.

They’re Glued to Their Phone

Take note of your partner’s phone habits – if they’re sending more texts, taking more phone calls, or writing more emails than normal, it may be a sign that they have a new love interest they can’t stop talking to.

They Don’t Want to Make Long-Term Plans

Couples often make long-term plans, like attending family weddings, or taking vacations together. If your partner no longer wants to make or discuss long-term plans, it could be a sign that they are planning their future with someone else instead.

They Have Sudden New Interests

Having new interests is not inherently suspicious, but be careful if your partner is secretive about the source of their new hobbies. Interests that are wildly outside of their normal comfort zone could have been influenced by a new love interest.

Their Car Shows Signs

If you suspect your partner has been driving around with their affair partner, you may find proof in their car. Check for lingering odors of unfamiliar perfume or cologne, seats adjusted differently than you remember, or unfamiliar stray hairs on the seats.

You Just Have A “Feeling”

Nobody knows your relationship better than you, so don’t ignore your feelings if things just don’t seem right. You’ll find that more often than not, your “gut feelings” turn out to be right.

Suspecting your partner of infidelity can be a painful and confusing time in any relationship. If you’re having doubts, these 18 signs will help you to gather enough evidence and garner the confidence to confront your partner and learn the truth.