You can be forgiven if you think you must be in a relationship to be happy. The best fairy tales in which people live happily ever after involving romance. Plus, the media highlights love affairs in shows and the news. When you’ve been bought up to believe fulfilment lies in the acquisition of a partner, you’re likely to be starry-eyed. However, don’t overlook the advantages of being single. If you aren’t attached to a love interest, there are at least five ways to count yourself lucky.

1) Freedom of a Single Woman

Yes, you are free to think about potential consorts, but the most significant benefit your status offers isn’t the ability to choose mates. You can do and be what you want without considering a noteworthy other.

Hair sticking up in the morning and bad breath? Who cares? No one’s watching. Fancy wrapping yourself in blankets, stuffing yourself with candy, and watching a Disney movie? There’s no one to complain. Likewise, you’re free to take up the entire bed, invite your friends over for a pyjama, wine, and ice-cream party, and spend hours on the phone in meaningless conversation, and you won’t be judged.

2) You can focus on making yourself happy

It’s natural to want to make your partner happy when in a relationship. However, many women lose themselves while struggling to meet their partner’s needs. They aim to please but forget to enjoy themselves.

Now you’re single, you can concentrate on discovering what gives your life meaning and purpose outside of romantic entanglement. You have more time and energy to forge a relationship with yourself, so why not embark on a new career path, travel or write a novel?

3) Your money belongs to you

How you spend money when single may differ from when you’re in a relationship. Women often pay their partner’s debts or struggle if their spouse isn’t earning much money. They also share many financial decisions and compromise about how best to manage money. Since you are single, you can choose how to spend and save. You’re at liberty to splash out on new shoes or save your wages as you see fit.

4) You can sleep

Not only do you have the whole bed in which to spread out, but you can also sleep soundly. Partners often wake one another due to going to bed and rising at different times. In the same way, when one snores, the other is kept awake.

Sleeping alone means you get the kip you require and awaken refreshed. The advantages of obtaining adequate sleep include positivity, ability to focus, and good mental health: all of which would be in jeopardy if you shared your bed.

5) You’re the queen of your castle

When you are single, you command your abode and choose what should happen there. You can place household objects where you want without negotiating a room’s usage or how it should be decorated.

If you were in a relationship, tidying up after a partner might be time-consuming too. Now, though, you don’t have to worry about anyone dropping wet towels and washing on the floor along with used coffee cups. If clutter accumulates, at least it’s yours, and you needn’t bear a grudge when doing the housework. You can keep a messy home or make sure it sparkles without worrying about any interference.

Enjoy being single; celebrate your freedom. There are advantages to every situation and not being romantically attached is no exception. Find out who you are when alone and how to please yourself, and you’ll be better equipped to enter a relationship if you want later.