When you begin dating someone, it’s natural to assume that the person is single. After all, he’d tell you if he was romantically attached to someone else, right? Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Here are 8 warning signs that your boyfriend already has a girlfriend or a wife. If they sound familiar, be suspicious.

1. He never talks about his family.

Your boyfriend never mentions his mom and dad. Maybe he even told you he doesn’t have a family. This odd behavior should raise a red flag. Even if his parents have passed, chances are he’d mention them. If they’d had a huge falling out, he’d probably tell you that too.

It’s possible that your boyfriend has a traumatic childhood history that he just doesn’t want to talk about. Ask him gently about his parents to see how he responds. Don’t push the issue but be aware that refusing to talk about his folks is a suspicious sign.

2. You’ve never met his friends.

You’ve been on many dates, but he’s never invited you to hang out with his friends. When you suggest meeting them, he blows you off or says you wouldn’t like them. Maybe he’s embarrassed by his friends, or maybe he’s hiding something bigger.

3. He doesn’t answer his phone when you call.

He almost never answers when you call him at a random time. Instead, he calls you back. It could be that he’s always busy, but it could also be that he can’t answer your call because his girlfriend is sitting right next to him.

4. He keeps his phone with him at all times.

Is your boyfriend extremely private about his phone? Does he take it with him to the bathroom and the shower? How does he react if you pick it up and look at it? Is it password protected? People who hide one relationship from another are typically very secretive about their phones. He wouldn’t want either of you to see a message from the other woman.

5. He’s always busy on weekends and holidays.

Is it hard to get time with him on the weekend? Have you ever spent a holiday together?Having someone else in his life will definitely take up his time, and he won’t always be free to spend time with you. If he pulls a disappearing act each weekend, that’s cause for alarm. If you never hear from him on holidays, that’s a sign he’s in a serious relationship with someone else.

6. Your dates are very private.

When he takes you out, it’s almost always to a small, private restaurant or at your place. He usually suggests staying in, and you’ve rarely hung out together in public. This behavior could indicate that he’s hiding you from someone.

7. He has no social media.

The vast majority of people today are on some kind of social media account, and people usually connect on one very early in a relationship. Be wary if he tells you he doesn’t have a social media account. Some people don’t, but he might be lying to you.

8. You’ve never been to his house.

You hang out all the time at your house, but you’ve never been to his. That could be because there’s another woman living there.

While these clues don’t prove that your boyfriend has someone else, they should make you curious. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about his friends and family or suggest you hang out at his house or in a popular location. If there is a legitimate reason for his odd behavior, you deserve to know.

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