Many men would admit that a first date can be a rather nerve-wracking experience, but being prepared beforehand can help to ensure that things run as smoothly as possible. Once you have managed to survive your first date, any future dates should be a breeze. The following ten tips are therefore designed to help you get through that all-important first encounter:

  1. Be Polite – Being polite on your first date will earn you plenty of brownie points, as most women find a polite guy hard to resist. Make sure you don’t let yourself down, though, by using any foul language or eating with your mouth full.
  2. Decide When and Where to Meet – Deciding when and where to meet can be tricky, but some forward planning can help you to find a location that suits both of you. If you are going on a blind date, it may be better to keep your first date short by arranging to meet up for a coffee or light lunch.
  3. Be Punctual – Don’t arrive late for your first date, as your date may think they have been stood up. You might arrive to discover that your date has given up waiting for you and gone home. It won’t be an easy task trying to persuade your date to give you a second chance.
  4. Try to Relax – Try to relax before your date, as being less stressed will help the conversation to keep flowing. Physical exercise is particularly good for relaxation, so try going to the gym, going for a run, or perhaps taking a brisk walk. Don’t, on the other hand, be tempted to start drinking before you leave the house.
  5. Be a good Listener – On a first date, being a good listener is probably more important than being a good talker. It is easy to launch into a detailed description of your favourite hobby and forget that you haven’t stopped to ask your date what they enjoy doing.
  6. Stay Away from Bars and Restaurants with Televisions – If you are into sports in a big way, this is something you need to think about. There are a few restaurants and bars these days that have large flat screen televisions on the wall, and there is nothing worse than someone having to share your affections with a television screen.
  7. Don’t Let her Catch you Checking Out Other Women – Even though women know that most men find a pretty face and a good figure hard to resist, it isn’t wise to get caught checking out other women on your first date. If this is a habit you find difficult to break, then you should at least have the decency to avoid looking at other women until your date goes to the bathroom.
  8. Don’t Get too Drunk – This one speaks for itself, as no one wants to sit in front of a man who is slurring his words and making no sense at all. The evening may also end up finishing abruptly with no second date on the cards.
  9. Take Things Slowly – Even if the meeting appears to be going well, don’t be tempted to pounce on your date at the end of it. Play it cool unless she hints that she wants a little more than a peck on the cheek before you depart company.
  10. Make Sure She Gets Home Safely – This is particularly important if you meet your date in the evening. You don’t have to make her feel as if she is incapable of getting home safely on her own, but it doesn’t hurt to drop her back home in the car or make sure she gets into a cab.

Hopefully, the above tips will help you to stay calm and plan your first date properly. If you have any prior knowledge of your date’s interests, then it may be a good idea to plan a few questions in advance of your meeting.

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